Get A Clue-In!

LuvLinx sends you Clue-Ins to give you targeted ideas on how to best love those you care about.  Accept each Clue-In so the system knows you plan to do it.


System vs. Custom Clue-Ins

The system comes with a generic set of Clue-Ins but you can make your own Custom Clue-Ins!  No one knows you like you do so build your own custom Clue-Ins for the system to send to your loved ones!

LuvLinx gives you 10 Custom Clue-Ins free!


Special Key Date Clue-Ins send reminders for upcoming special days like Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentines& Mother’s Day!



AOS = Acts of Service
QT = Quality TIme
GG = Gift Giving & Receiving
PT = Physical Touch
WOA = Words of Affirmation