Our Story

Hello I’m Kevin and I’m the creator of LuvLinx. My team and I have been working really to bring this idea to the world. We are excited to enter this next phase of building this dynamic mobile app which shows the strength of relationships and gives everyone fun tips and tools to make them stronger.

The LuvLinx App

When it comes to loving those we care about we all mean well. Yet as sincere as we may be we often miss the mark because of the unique way each person needs to receive love to feel fully valued. Enter LuvLinx! The LuvLinx app takes the guess work out of love while giving a visible measurement of your relationship’s strength.

LuvLinx quickly figures out precisely who you are and allows you to share the real you with those that matter to you. Wouldn’t you love to know exactly what to do to absolutely thrill those you care about (or are getting to know)? Plus, you can also give them the same chance to do the same for you?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to give your special ones a precise road map to love you? That is exactly what the LuvLinx app will do for you in a new, fun and exciting way! Simply put, we give you a key to unlock success in every relationship you have.

4 Phones with LuvLinx on it

A close family friend once said to me that she had never heard her father say that he loved her. For many years, this was a source of pain for her. Over time she came to understand that he showed his love to her in far different ways than she’d realized or needed. His sincere way just didn’t match what she needed. If they had both had LuvLinx things might have been far different. You see, LuvLinx would have identified their LuvStyle and clued both of them in to what really mattered to each other in a fun and easy way. Empowering them both to give and receive just the type of love gestures they were really needing and seeking. Additionally, they would have both had a visible status measurement of how well they were doing for each other!

Where we’re headed

It’s been said that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. LuvLinx provides you and those special loved ones with the perfect tailored plan to do exactly what it takes to really love one another. We know love is more than a feeling. It’s a decision. But a decision to do what exactly? It’s the “what” that causes us so much concern and leads to age old questions such as “what do women want?” and “I just don’t know how to make him happy.”

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Bringing a great idea to the market requires both sweat equity and financial equity. Over the last couple years we’ve been avidly applying the sweat equity and it continues. We’ve designed and re-designed and put pages upon pages of requirement specifications together. We’ve engaged marketers and developers to get their ideas on how to proceed. We have a product development strategy in place but now we’ve come to that critical next step to get us to market. This is where your kind financial support is so greatly needed.

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To finish coding the product and place it in both the iOS and Android markets we’ve receive quotes over a pretty wide range. We’re seeking $75,000 so that we can complete the app development and then provide for the marketing campaign for the launch. This amount is safely in the middle of what we need to LuvLinx programmed well. We are making every effort to have this be a top notch experience for our users so our current design is very well thought out. The funds we are able to raise will go a long way towards reaching our goals.

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Our current plan is to sell the app in the market and we will have packages that allow for in-app purchases and the possibility to link with others. There will be basic download level that allows anyone you link with to have a basic membership that allows them to use the app with the person who initiated the link. There is, of course, some flexibility with this plan but that’s the heart of what we plan to do. Thanks so much of your consideration. Your generous contribution will help us take the “wonder” out of love! You’re already accustomed to their face, now get to know their heart!

Other Ways You Can Help

We know everyone won’t be able to help us financially at this time. And we understand that. One of the most important thing we need is to get our campaign in front of as many generous people as we possibly can. Whether you are able to donate or not at this time, would you help us out by sharing our link with as many in your network as you can? We are very excited about LuvLinx and we believe strongly that as people get the opportunity to learn more about it they will absolutely fall in love with the idea! We would like to encourage you use the Indiegogo tools we provide to make sharing our campaign as simple as possible.

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